Mathematics Help Center

        The Mathematics Help Center is a location where students have access to all mathematics textbooks as well as the assistance of a Summit High School Mathematics Instructor. Students can visit the Mathematics Help Center during a study hall period. Among the many reasons students visit the Mathematics Help Center are:

  • To complete homework assignments
  • To prepare for a classroom assessment (test or quiz)
  • To prepare for upcoming assessments such as the SATs and the HSPA
  • To review missed work
  • To review the results of a test or quiz
  • To ask general questions

The Mathematics Help Center is located in the Mathematics Hallway Room 109 and is closed for lunch during the lunch time slot.

The following is the list of the teachers who are on duty in the Mathematics Help Center each day:

                Period 1                Mr. Eric Fontes

                Period 2                Mr. Alex Gentul 

                Period 3                Mr. Matthew Perkins    

                Period 4               Mr. Kyle Dattola 

                Period 5               Mrs. Alicia Lyle

                Period 6               Mr. Casey Sink

                Period 7                Mrs. Angelique Bender

                Period 8                Mr. Frank Baragona