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Precalculus Honors

The Precalculus Honors course is a rigorous course that will explore a range of topics as well as their real world applications. Topics will include explorations with Functions (Linear, Quadratic, Polynomial, Power, Exponential, Logarithmic, Logistic, and Rational), a deeper study of Trigonometry, Vectors in Two and Three dimensions, a Geometric Analysis of Conic Sections, an introduction to the Polar Coordinate System, Sequences and Series, and an introduction to Limits and Derivatives.

Each of these topics are designed to prepare the students for a course in either our regular Calculus course or Advanced Placement Calculus AB, depending on the level of success of the students.

I am generally available each morning before school beginning at approximately 7:10 AM. I can also be available after school and during the lunch time slot, however, due to my responsibilities as the Department Supervisor, it would be best if a student makes an appointment with me to ensure that we will be able to work together that day.

In addition, the students may seek extra help at the Academic Help Center (now located in the upstairs lounge across from room 249). This is a resource that is available every day if the student has a study hall. A teacher from the Mathematics Department will be in the Academic Help Center to assist the students. click on the links to the left to view materials for each chapter.

Contact Information:

(908) 273 - 1494, ext 5584